Our Baby Yoga classes are set in a welcoming, friendly, fun and relaxed environment. You will engage with your baby in a varied, stimulating mix of gentle yoga-based exercises, touch and movement including stretches, balance, dancing with baby and massage. Babies thrive with music, and love to hear their parents singing. We accompany all the moves with singing English songs and nursery rhymes as well as some songs in Norwegian, French and Hindi.

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There are moves and stretches for the parents to enjoy too, which help to release tension and relax. Do as much or as little as you like! Our classes always close with a winding down, deep relaxation session that is popular with parents and babies alike. It allows time to re-energize and be at one with your baby.

The experience of movement and touch is one of the richest stimuli babies can receive from birth and this is offered in a fun, playful way with yoga-based exercise and massage, and parent-child interaction. There are many benefits of Baby Yoga including:

  • Enhances communication and promotes bonding between parent and baby.
  • In one class, the baby is given as much physical activity as they would receive if carried all day. This activity helps the baby to sleep better and is important in today’s Western world where many babies are pushed in strollers or sit in car seats for large parts of the day.
  • Yoga and massage stimulates all the baby’s bodily systems including the nervous system and digestion; this helps to provides relief for babies suffering from Colic.
  • Improves and settles sleep and sleep patterns for baby (and parent!).
  • Helps with any birth trauma suffered by the baby.
  • Gives parents special quality time with their baby and in return baby receives high quality attention that helps them to interact with others and play actively.
  • The deep relaxation that is part of yoga helps parents cope with the stresses of early parenting.
  • An opportunity to meet other parents with babies the same age, in a friendly, supportive environment.
  • It is great fun for both babies and parents!
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Our Yoga classes are based on the Birthlight method, which is modelled on baby yoga practices that have been used for centuries by mothers in the Amazon and in India.

Babies can sleep, be fed and changed during the class if necessary.

After the class there are refreshments available, allowing time for parents and babies to socialize and make new friends.

Classes are held on Thursdays 12:15-13:15 April 14th to June 23rd 2016

 Total 10 weeks. There will be no class on Thursday May 5th (long weekend in Norway)



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